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  • Fillers

  • 13 x 26' or over 425 clips running between 25'' or 90''

    HD - M & E

    Ooops! is a side-splitting series of short comedy sketches, varying in length from 15 to 90 seconds. Each sketch is told visually, with no dialogue. The premise is always based in some sort of mix-up, mishap or mayhem hence the name Ooops!. From everyday situations to mythic adventures, from the invention of the wheel to the quest for the stars, Ooops! blunders into a multitude of themes, settings and genres, all hilariously entertaining.
    Each gag is self-contained and clips can be packages at will to meet any length program required. Ooops! is the brainchild of the same acclaimed writers and directors who brought you such international hits as Surprise Sur Prise (aired in 70 countries) and Just For Laughs Gags (sold to over 100 countries and 70 airlines worldwide).

    Produced by: Spooo inc. 2006